Friday, May 4, 2007


MARDI GRAS Last week, my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying an appreciation dinner for members of Household Group. The theme was Mardi Gras, complete with colorful mask, glitzy necklaces, outrageous hats, delicious buffet, amusing magic show, raffles and a free caricature.
WHAT IS A CARICATURIST? A caricaturist is an artist but not all artists are caricaturists.
A caricaturist refers to an artist who can imitate or represent a person or thing, in drawing, that ludicrously exaggerates its distinguishing features or mannerisms. Sometimes the likeness is so distorted or inferior.
There are variety of artists. Some are good in oil painting, watercolor, chalk, pen and ink.
Others specialize in landscaping, still life, portrait, children, anatomy, cartoon, animation, graphic art, calligraphy, etc. Not all artist can be the "Jack -of- all -trade."
I am a good artist, but honestly, I couldn't do a caricature. I enjoy laughing at caricatures and cartoons, but I admit, its a special talent or skill. It's not a piece of cake to capture and exaggerate the image of the person as fast as the speed of light.

WITH ADMIRATION I was shocked at how fast Dave sketched my caricature.
He was so relaxed while doing my caricature for only five minutes. Wow!
While sitting on a chair, facing him, here's our short talk:
Dave: "What do you do?"
Ebb: Amused, I said, "I am an artist too, but I couldn't do caricature."
Dave: "Ha, you're an artist too? That's very...... good. I better do my sketch well."
Ebb: "Thanks Dave. That's very good. I will put it on my art blog."



Mari said...

Great caricature. I have tried my hand at it, but can't get the right features of the face. I'll stick to painting.

kneeko said...

ate ebb,:) .. thanks for the visit. i really appreciate it... i already read your previous entry about Paris. i have an idea now where to go after our performance in Nancy hehe..

well, i'm not good also in caricature wheew... you're right -Not all artist can be the "Jack -of- all -trade."

painting is my hobby only.. since childhood also like you. but planning to have a group exhibit with my friends here in KSA within this year... i love the works of mark rothko, bencab among others..

link done - artmates also... like mari.. :)

hope to see u there in the US someday.. :)

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari! Ye, painting is our forte. Let's keep on painting.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Kneeko! Thanks for your visit. Keep on painting and who knows, someday you'll be as famous as your favorites (Mark Rothko and Bencab). Is Bencab the popular cartoonist? My favorite Filipino artist is Jose Joya, one of my professor in U.P. My other favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. His vibrant colors give me lots of adrenalin. Good to be artmates and hopefully we meet someday.

The Artist said...

Thank you for your special comment and please feel free to link to my site.

rolly said...

I've tried caricature before but they're not as good as the pros'. It is fun but only when you capture the essence of your subject. Sometimes in order to do that, you should know the person very well.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi to the artist! Thanks for visiting. I'll link you to my blog.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Rolly! Thanks for visiting again. The pros don't have to know you well to capture your caricature. I've watched Dave, and he did caricatures at the party for 3 hours and he mostly got them right. He's really good.

kneeko said...

yup... i'll keep on painting :)

here's the site of ben cabrera...

want to see more of your works ...

someday... is not impossible hehe

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Kneeko! Thanks for visiting again. If you go back to some of my older post (just 5 months old blog), you'll see some paintings I have done. I have done lots of painting, mostly sold, given as special gifts and others donated to charities. I will publish more of my paintings in my future post, so watch out. My paintings are mostly Southwest and tropical themes.