Thursday, July 11, 2013


" I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do -- no matter who they are. Isn't it enough just to express yourself?" - Georgia O'Keeffe
NEW HOME COLOR: We didn't lived very long at Lochmmor Road,  our first house in Valencia. We were attracted to a bigger brand new house at " The Oaks." Sooner a huge Allied moving truck moved our endless material stuffs to our new house.  
Living at "the Oaks" was a revolutionary experience. Finally I changed our color and theme decor. I happily said good-bye to our the "harvest" or yellow years." We lived w/ yellow for almost 20 years. The harvest color is synonymous with the 6o's and 70's. Convinced it was an outdated color for our home, I embraced the new color trend of the Southwest during this time.
As always, I am the bold interior decorator of our many houses. Although my art major was in Editorial & Advertising Design, I have learned many basic principles about color and art. I have long understood how color can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions. I knew what colors are compatible.
For this new house, my color choice was PEACH and JADE. My feeling about these colors were deeply personal. As I got older, I liked more subdued and calming tones. So I embraced the popular Southwest colors. PEACH, a light shade of Orange. JADE, the lighter shade of Green.  Combined together, they could lived well w/ each other.

The other name for this Southwest years was the "JADE YEARS." GREEN meant growth and a "GO" color. Also meant freshness, new chapter, new beginning in our family lives in our new house. Green, an optimistic color too.
I enjoyed decorating this house w/ my husband. He liked what I liked. No fight about my choices. He’s an engineer and very reliable  handyman. We were proud of the overall home decorating project. Our many friends who saw our house told us....."Your home is more beautifully decorated than the model home."  I didn't know we got talents for home decorating. My husband and I were good decorating team. So grateful to God for our wonderful gifts. No need to hire expensive interior designers.

Ironically, I didn't have time nor mood to do any oil painting while we lived in this house. I   worked full-time. Busy mother of 4 children. Endless "homework's". Instead, I bought a big Southwest Cactus oil painting by an unknown artist. We hanged it on top of the fireplace. We also invested on five Southwest sand paintings and 2 oil paintings by Mario Dumas. Watercolor works by A. Fetz. With a big house buying ready made art works was the fastest way to fill up the empty walls.

Changing colors meant parting w/ some of my old “Yellow” oil paintings. It’s sad that the long “Yellow Waves”had no space in our new house. So we donated it to Goodwill. Not thinking of it’s sentimental value. Hopefully, the person who owned those paintings now, were enjoying it.


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