Monday, July 1, 2013


"Paintings  have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul."- Vincent Van Gogh 

SIZE: 3 Feet x 6 Feet
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas

The years hurried on. June 2013 is finally here.  This colorful painting is now 42 years old. Still a raving beauty because it was well taken cared off. I painted it after I got married in 1971. Like this painting,  my husband and I have an enduring and  beautiful marriage for 42 years. 

As newly married, we first lived in a cozy apartment at the intersection of  La  Fayette St. and Beverly Blvd. ( Los Angeles). My art studio was our small multi-purpose dining area. This was the first huge oil painting I painted in this small space. Back then I also work as paste-up artist for Trade Service Publication. The office was just across our apartment. Very close and convenient to walk to work.

When I immigrated to the United States, I was quite homesick so most of my paintings were reflections of  my former homeland  ( the Philippines). I will never forget my homeland. I am proud of my heritage and enriched by embracing two cultures. I came to the United States w/ only a luggage and a hand carry. I managed to bring some samples of my small art works for my portfolio. I needed to show some samples when I applied for advertising job. But I left all my heavy student oil paintings in the Philippines.

It didn't take long for me to start painting again in my adopted country. I did small oil paintings prior to this huge painting in our studio apartment in Westwood Village which I shared w/ my sister Ofel. 

Out of this original "Homeland" painting came a series of paintings. I had painted variations of this painting five times for family and friends. Many wanted me to do the same painting but I simply refused and said..."No more!"  I thought that doing this kind of painting five times was more than enough.

The vibrant colors of this oil painting was inspired by the many brilliant colors of my favorite artist (Vincent Van Gogh). The style was also influenced by Vicente Manansala, one of the contemporary Filipino artists that I admired while at the U.P School of Fine Arts.

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