Wednesday, July 3, 2013


"There's No Place Like Home"
 "A House is made of brick and stone. A home is made of love alone."
"A house is built by human hands. But a home is built by human heart."
Over the years, we had moved to nine different houses but this oil painting remained w/ us. It beautifully graced our home wherever we moved and lived.
FIRST HOUSE: We moved to our first brand new house in Hidden Lake, Canoga Park (San Fernando Valley) CA. We moved this huge oil painting for the first time. This was the first painting we hanged in our new house.

After living for 3 years in our first house,  we moved to this model home next door. This oil painting became the centerpiece of our family room. What attracted us to this house was the high cathedral celing and the man-made lake in our backyard. It's beauty and serenity was perfect setting for an artist.  
THIRD HOUSE: In 1985, our family relocated to Valencia, a master-planned community of Sta. Clarita Valley, California. We lived in Lochmoor Road in the Meadows area. The company I was working for was devastated by fire. So TV Fanfare relocated to the Valencia Industrial Center. My husband and I decided it was best to move closer to our jobs.
We displayed this favorite oil painting in our family room. I duplicated the feel and style of the house we left behind. I remained faithful to our yellow color theme w/ subdued tones. I picked a wall  paper design that's close to the one in our former family room in Hidden Lake.

FOURTH HOUSE: Again in 1989, we moved to a brand new house at "The Oaks." The house was a Tiburon model. It got 3,000 square feet. It was bigger than the other house we lived in Lochmoor  Rd. before. We hanged this favorite oil painting in our family room. This photo was taken during our housewarming.
FIFTH HOUSE: Later we decided to move to Newhall (Sta. Clarita) in 1992. We lived on a street called "Oakrun." This painting stayed in our family room. No photo available.
SIXTH HOUSE: In 1992 we moved to Castaic (Sta. Clarita). We lived in Cloverleaf St. We liked this house because it was surrounded by mountains and the views were gorgeous. This favorite painting was displayed in our family room again. In this house, I had an art studio built inside our three car garage. I started to do oil paintings again. I did many art works while we lived here. No photo available.

SEVENTH HOUSE: We moved back to Valencia at the Northbridge area. We found a cozy Cottage Hill architecture type of house. It got a loft upstairs which was perfect for an art studio. The daily sunset view from the kitchen was a constant inspiration for me to paint. We bought this house w/ no reservation despite of it's small size.
 We displayed this colorful oil painting on our dining area for the first time. I did many masterpieces in this inspiring house.

EIGHTH HOUSE: My husband had an early forced retirement last 2010. So we decided to relocate in San Diego.  Our small condo was located at  Rancho Mission Road overlooking a beautiful river view. Inspiring to paint. This oil painting was on display at our dining room wall.

NINTH HOUSE: Last year, 2012, we decided to move back to Valencia (Sta. Clarita). Our new condo is at the Bridgeport area. This oil painting in presently on display on our living room. This "Reflections From My Homeland" (Series#1) had always been a part of our lives through thick and thin. Amazingly, it survived beautifully after so many moves. Truly this art work will last forever after I am gone.

"Long after our monuments of brick and stone, vitriol, plastic and concrete have vanished, our words, our art, our legends and our myths will remain as a legacy." ( Harry J. Boyle)

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Mitchell Domingo said...

hello po. It's a nice painting and it gets more beautiful through time. I hope this become part of your families' treasure for generations to come. :)