Friday, May 4, 2007


MARDI GRAS Last week, my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying an appreciation dinner for members of Household Group. The theme was Mardi Gras, complete with colorful mask, glitzy necklaces, outrageous hats, delicious buffet, amusing magic show, raffles and a free caricature.
WHAT IS A CARICATURIST? A caricaturist is an artist but not all artists are caricaturists.
A caricaturist refers to an artist who can imitate or represent a person or thing, in drawing, that ludicrously exaggerates its distinguishing features or mannerisms. Sometimes the likeness is so distorted or inferior.
There are variety of artists. Some are good in oil painting, watercolor, chalk, pen and ink.
Others specialize in landscaping, still life, portrait, children, anatomy, cartoon, animation, graphic art, calligraphy, etc. Not all artist can be the "Jack -of- all -trade."
I am a good artist, but honestly, I couldn't do a caricature. I enjoy laughing at caricatures and cartoons, but I admit, its a special talent or skill. It's not a piece of cake to capture and exaggerate the image of the person as fast as the speed of light.

WITH ADMIRATION I was shocked at how fast Dave sketched my caricature.
He was so relaxed while doing my caricature for only five minutes. Wow!
While sitting on a chair, facing him, here's our short talk:
Dave: "What do you do?"
Ebb: Amused, I said, "I am an artist too, but I couldn't do caricature."
Dave: "Ha, you're an artist too? That's very...... good. I better do my sketch well."
Ebb: "Thanks Dave. That's very good. I will put it on my art blog."