Monday, November 26, 2007


CHRISTMAS SHOPPING I was not among those shoppers who braved the malls and super centers the day after Thanksgiving. Although we spent Thanksgiving Day with my husband's clan in Camarillo, Ca. We wanted another intimate family dinner. So I was busy baking a turkey and preparing all the trimmings. After dinner, I was terribly exhausted and down with allergy, running nose and bad cold. I managed to clean-up and went to bed with an aching throat the whole night. No wonder they called this day "Black Friday" here in America. I spent the rest of the Thanksgiving week-end on bed- napping, reading and catching up movies on DVDs. I was surrounded with so many cold medications but swallowing them didn't make my cold disappear like magic. As I write this post today, I am still recovering from a lingering bad cold.
Well, here we are again moving quickly into the traditional season for giving and receiving. am starting to miss shopping, but I needed to rest and get back the energy to be able to go shopping. Shopping is not easy. Among the many challenges the Christmas season bring is always the challenge of finding the perfect gift for loved ones and friends. Gift cards are always nice, but they lack the personal touch. You know you don't want to get your dad another tie for Christmas, but what else would he like? He's got every tie there is, every mechanical gadget ever invented. Aunt Picky has returned every gift you've ever purchased, what could possible please her? She's got every household appliance, every baking dish and every piece of jewelry her heart desires. Now what? Tired of racking your brain and scratching your head for the best gift to give? If you run out of creative ideas and find yourself shopping in the same old impersonal big box stores, try something different this year. Are you feeling uninspired by the traditional holiday gift choices, such as perfume, cologne, sweaters, robes, tools, purses and the dreaded fruit cake? Then maybe it's time to think outside the box and consider giving a one-of-a-kind gift of original art work that is sure to impress. How about giving your loved ones or friends the gift of art. Paintings are gifts you can't put a price on.You don't have to go to the mall. Just visit the art -for - sale online. I'd like to introduce my latest art-blog mate -Jude Maceren. He's a wonderful artist and you can leisurely view his many original paintings on:

GIFT OF ART Personally, I like to give loved ones and special people in my life a gift of art/painting- not only during Christmas time, but during weddings, birthdays and retirements. For others, of course, I will go to the mall but look for creative stuffs like handmade ornaments or beautifully handcrafted decors. Art is not just original oil paintings on canvas or watercolor. Art encompasses limited edition prints, posters, giclees sculpture, glass, metal, photography, clay and hundreds of other media.

BUSY YEAR-2007 This year, I have been very busy traveling that I spent more time on the road, air, sea and tourist shopping malls. I have a very big art project next year but in reality, I only finished 6 paintings so far. Many paintings are still waiting to be finished.

" WOMAN WITH BASKET OF FLOWERS" This painting is my version of Diego Rivera's painting. It is 18" x 20" in size and painted in oil on canvas. It may not sound like an original painting but it doesn't matter to me. What's important in a painting, is that it touches you, and inspires you. Some people are very particular about originality. I am not. I don't see anything wrong about copying some one's art that I deeply admired. I would say that originality is not the TOP criteria for an outstanding art. It must have a "HEART."
SPECIAL GIFT I gave this colorful and lovely painting to my cousin Cely. She retired 2 years ago but I only finished this painting last April. I promised her this painting and I am happy that it is now hanging on her beautiful home in Maryland. After our trip to Florida two weeks ago, she e-mailed me the bad news that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a sad news. I had no idea she will be hit by this devastating cancer. In 1999, she had a thyroid cancer and survived it. Thank God, we were able to spend lots of time together during our 12-day cruise to the Mediterranean last October. We talked, laughed, ate and toured together. I hope this painting and the colorful flowers will cheer her up and wishing her a speedy recovery during the coming surgery and radiation. Wishing her lots of serenity in such a difficult time.

"FLOWER SELLER" This is one of my favorite painting by the famous Mexican artist named Diego Rivera. This colorful painting inspired me to paint a woman with flowers that I posted above.

THE ART OF GIVING If you can't give material things this year, that's okay. You don't have to buy. If you are like many of the creative people I know, you are good at making handcrafted gifts, or baking cookies and cakes, and giving your time, talent and help is also much appreciated. Honestly, I always appreciated things made by hands and with a generous heart.