Sunday, July 20, 2008


"Dreams do not have an expiration date." From a 41 year old mother

IN JOY AND IN SORROW Real life as we know it is not always like a Disney fairy tale. Real life is more like a journey full of detours and sometimes dead ends along the way. Below is a photo of myself and Cely (a close cousin) during one joyful times in our backyard. She bought this oil painting "Reflections By The Lakeside" from me about a year and a half ago. I am sure this peaceful painting calmed her during difficult times. Last November I featured her on my blog because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she went through weeks of chemotherapy with no energy. The story of her survival and recovery is a very inspiring story.
IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH We continued to connect despite of her illness. Last week, I mentioned on my blog that Cely's comment was the best so far. Let me share again her comment and e-mail. "Dreams do not have an expiration date," said the 41 year old mother who just recently qualified for Olympic team for swimming. She won over the girls half her age." I would say that inspiration does not have an expiration date either. If I start dreaming, I get inspired, then I am able to create something. That is why life is never boring.
E-MAIL FROM CELY "Having worked as a chef for years, one of my jobs every morning was to check the expiration dates of all the foods in the kitchen. I was really impressed when that swimmer said that dreams do not have expiration date. In spite of all the things that have happened to me I have not stopped dreaming, creating and being inspired. This summer I have spend so many hours outside in the garden, meditating and always in awe to find new sprouts everyday. As Dave (my husband) would say "No weed is safe in my sight." I have taken so many pictures of all the flowers, birds and butterflies. To some people this might be boring. I do not do this just to pass time.....this is part of my healing. It reassures me over and over that God cares for me. Thanks for including my comment in your blog. I hope that people will continually be inspired"