Monday, December 21, 2009


"JOY to the world the Lord is come......" Christmas song

CHRISTMAS DAY Is celebrated around the world differently. In my former homeland, the Philippines, we call CHRISTMAS "PASKO." We say both "Merry Christmas" and "Maligayang Pasko." Although I live most of my life here in the United States and spent more Christmases here, I still have good memories of past Christmases in the Philippines. I have been away from my homeland for about forty years but our Americanized-Filipino family Christmas celebration hasn't lost it's Filipino flavor. We learned to adopt the good things from our beloved America and cherished old traditions from our heritage and homeland. By having bi-cultural influences our Christmas celebration is enriched with different flavors and traditions.

SIZE: 48" x 30"
DESCRIPTION: This is another painting I did for my art show. Here's my short story behind the painting. One of our greatest blessing when our family immigrated to the United States was having our big family together at Christmas time. There were only a few years of separation from one another, and we were all united. Being in a foreign country, we were happy and secure to have our family together. It's difficult to be happy at Christmas time when one has loved ones left behind in the Philippines. In California, Christmas feels warm compared to other states that have snow and dreams of a white Christmas. Our family continues to celebrate Christmas with abundant and traditional Filipino food, but also added American flavors, like shrimp cocktails, champagne, wine, fresh green salad, pasta salad, cookies, pies, rolls, cakes and more. Traditionally, a rich Filipino Christmas has lechon (roasted whole pork), pancit palabok (noodles). embotido, morcon, fresh lumpia, paella, camaron rebosado (shrimp) and more. Desserts are favorites like leche flan. brazo de mercedes, sweet ube, etc. Because America is
a very rich country, part of our festive celebration is having huge, fresh, ever green pine Christmas tree with countless of adoring ornaments and overwhelming presents surrounding them.
"Wishing You All A "Merry Christmas" or ("Maligayang Pasko").