Monday, November 24, 2008


"Friends bring to our world newness, regeneration, COLOR, and vigor."- Anonymous
"Without friends, the world is but a wilderness." -Francis Bacon

As always, some friends come and go. Sometimes we lost touch with each other. Some remains faithful over the years. It's true with some circle of friends. Here are more photos of old friends from the Filipino-American Association of SCV. Their presence during my recent art show and birthday celebration made my day. Good friends are also one of my greatest blessings in life. Yollie, Ebb Tide, Aurora and Fred
One of my favorite comments about my art show and blog is from Aurora. She said......"Warm congratulations for your heartwarming cover design and incredible art show. Your paintings are a mirror into your soul and gives everyone an opportunity to see your true being. I stop in to read you blog, every now and then. I am amazed by your tenacity, talent and on going enthusiasm to pursue your creative goals. You've proven that it's never too late to head toward your dreams. Thanks for the inspiration which I've sorely needed for my own work."

THANK YOU AURORA. This is the kind of gracious comment that encourages and keeps me going. I appreciate you taking the time to express what you think and feel.

CORRECTION PLEASE: I apologized that the Aurora who wrote the wonderful comment above is not the Aurora in picture. Aurora2 dropped me a comment today and said: "As always, your blog lifts my spirit. However, in regard to your favorite comment, it was written by me, a different Aurora. Glad you like it, although we've never connected. Despite that, I bet your friend has better heartfelt words to describe your special camaraderie. You're lucky to have so many supportive friendships." Rose, Romy, Ebb and Edgar
Letty, Ebb and Rose
Rose is one those friends who is always appreciative and lavish me with honest compliments.Thanks Rose.Jun, Cora,Ebb,Art and Letty
Raffy, Cely, Zony First Row: Letty, Myra, Zeny and Rhod Second Row: Nanette and Ebb
Pete and Nanette
Fatima, Ebb, Marilu and Tess