Friday, March 14, 2008


"When Easterners finally make their way out to Arizona, they don't know what to do with those wide open space." - Mark Twain

MARCH IS COOL GREEN Thinking of green, what comes to mind are the myriads giant cactus's that I saw during our many past trips to Phoenix, Arizona. Cactus is an American desert plant with thick, fleshy, prickly stems, generally no leaves but frequently producing showy flowers. They come in different green hues and shades. CACTUS IS HEAVY WEIGHT As shown on the above photo. This is not plastic but real cactus loaded on a car. Don't try to do this! Better rent a truck to transplant a huge cactus.THE DESSERT BOTANICAL GARDEN This is located in Papagayo Park in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is a wide open space. Today, Phoenix has many skyscrapers but what makes it more interesting are the many desert gardens around. This is one of the beautiful and interesting desert garden that we saw. It has huge collections of cactus's in different heights and sizes. AN ELF VERSUS A GIANT CACTUS I am petite and happy with my height. I am almost five feet so standing beside a giant cactus, makes me look like an elf. This magnificent tall and huge cactus is almost as high as the nearby palms.
CACTUS, FUN AND ROCK MUSIC This garden is not a tranquil place for meditation. But it was fun visiting and strolling through the cactus garden while we listened to loud rock concert along the winding path ways and up and down the stairways.
RHOD AND GOLIATH SAGUARO This giant saguaro is only found here in the Arizona desert.
ANOTHER VIEW OF GIANT CACTUS With little purple cactus below. CHARMING CACTUS Seeing and playing among real and giant cactus is very interesting thing to do. It's worth spending our time and money here. FAVORITE SUBJECT TO PAINT A cactus is one of my favorite desert plants. They thrive easily. When I go on vacation, I don't worry about them because they are low maintenance. At home most of my cactus are made of plastic. They are made so realistically. Many of my friends couldn't tell if they are fake. I only have one huge real cactus by the dining area. One time a friend touched it but was pricked. She thought it was fake.
I love to paint all cactus's from the smallest to the largest. I will be posting some cactus paintings in next blog. Today Arizona has many wide open space. Will my future art studio find its way there someday? Who knows?