Friday, April 4, 2008


"Seeing with your eyes doesn't guarantee seeing with your heart. Seeing with your heart opens your eyes." - Anonymous

HARRIS RANCH RESTAURANT: Every time my husband and I took a trip up to San Francisco, we always stopped by HRR for lunch. It's located on Fwy#5 going up north. This ranch got a restaurant and hotel. The restaurant was famous for it's excellent steak and other delicious beef menu. It had a cattle ranch nearby.

The Harris Ranch Restaurant had a Southwest architecture and decorations. I loved looking at the many cactus's oil paintings on display in the lobby, hallways and private rooms. The particular painting above was one of my favorites. The artwork was painted by a woman artist but I couldn't remember her name. I took a photo of this painting and did my own version.

  SIZE:  20" x 24"
  MEDIUM: Oil On Canvas

My oil painting was inspired by the painting shown above. This was my new version of the original painting. Copying some body's painting was frown by others but I did't see anything wrong with it. In old times, many artists copied art works by the masters. It was often encouraged. I thought that if one could copy well, that's a great talent. To be a good artist one needed to practice, study and copy over and over again. It's not a crime learning from others artists who came before us. Studying their style and technique was very helpful.

This trio of cactus was a beautiful painting that I was happy and proud to display in our living room. Painting the same subject over and over again, never bored me. Whenever I look... ..meaning.... really looking..... with admiration and appreciation with my whole heart..... the paintings and the world becomes a more fascinating, inspiring and COLORFUL place to live in. Try it!