Friday, March 20, 2009


"Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little Ebb Tide like to paint...."-by the author/artist

PAINTING ON WARM WEATHER - This week's weather here in Southern California is just perfect for painting. The beautiful sun is out and the temperature is between 74 degrees to 84 degrees. The rainy and gloomy weather doesn't make me in the mood to paint. When the sunlight is shinning bright, then I like to paint and I am alive. Rain makes me feel drowsy. I could sleep all day and hibernate during extremely cold, rainy weather. The hilly landscapes of our beautiful city had turned yellow ochre due to lack of single rain last summer and fall. I am thankful for the rainy season because our city needed rain to stay green. But I don't like rain to come everyday or every week. This week there are lovely blooming flowers everywhere. I am happy to say "good-bye" to the rain and welcome SPRING!
DESCRIPTION: I painted this huge oil painting for my eldest sister who lives in Seattle, Washington. Most of my sisters are living here in Southern California. One day, my eldest sister sent me a old photo of a painting by a Filipino artist. I couldn't decipher the name of the original artist because the photo had faded. She asked me to copy the painting. The painting is about a woman battling a storm with her umbrella. A typical stormy scenery in the Philippines during rainy season. My sister thought this is an appropriate scene for their house in Seattle, because it's always raining there. I had fun creating this huge oil painting. When I finished it, I didn't charge my sister for my labor. Instead it was given as a gift for her retirement. I forgot to take a photo of the painting when she picked it up from my studio here in California. During that time, I didn't have an art blog yet, so I was not eager to photograph it. I haven't seen it for so many years because this sister never bothered to send me a photo of the painting. Last August 9, 2008, my family attended the wedding of of her eldest son in Seattle. I am not joking but it rained during the wedding. A typical Seattle scenery. Then Sunday after the event, my sister invited my husband and I to dine in their house. I was finally reunited with this old painting of mine and was happy to see it. My husband took a photo of the painting. I said good-bye to my rainy painting. I might not see this painting for a long time.
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