Friday, March 28, 2008


"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."........Bible

A GREEN PALETTE When I think of green palette I remember Tom Cruise movie "Jerry Maguire." In 1997 he was nominated for Oscar as best actor in leading role for his portrayal of a sport agent. His famous line was "Show me the money." Today when we talk about money it means "green bucks." "GREEN CACTUS PAINTING#1" The size of this oil painting is 12" x 24" on canvas. Again, I painted it for my self and now a decor for our living room. This is a huge and curvy emerald green saguaro with blooming white cactus flowers. I painted the horizon in purple color and the cactus field beyond in yellow ochre. This beautiful subject is a refreshing scenery that keeps me going and gives lots of inspiration. Sometimes I think like Tom Cruise....."Show me the money." It will be nice to sell this painting and make some green bucks. I could do some shopping spree in Aaron Brothers ( art supply store) or Michael's (another arts and crafts store). Lately, I am spending lots of green bucks on canvasses, oil paint, linseed oil, turpentine and brushes. The prices are escalating like basic stuffs - gasoline, energy, and food. It's getting difficult to afford art supplies and my budget is running low. Art supplies are not always on sale. There are no discount or outlet store for artist supplies around me. I need extra green bucks to stock on my art supplies. I love to paint and I couldn't imagine my life without it. Painting brings me great joy and pleasure.
"GREEN CACTUS PAINTING#2" This oil painting is also 12" x 24" on canvas. This very tall saguaro is leaning like the famous Pisa Tower in Italy. I did these pair of paintings during the past many years on my leisure time. Lately, my husband is happy that I am becoming a serious painter and spending more time painting than blogging and blog hopping. One day, I heard him said..."That's that I could retire soon." In other words, if I do more paintings, then I can sell them. It means bucks. There is nothing wrong about artists making more money. For many years my husband supported me so I could paint without financial worries. Lately he wanted to retire sooner. Maybe I should let him retire and have a good life. It's his turn. I will try to supplement our income by trying to do more paintings and sell them, although it's very hard to part with my paintings. Other artists are very good in marketing their art works and don't mind getting separated. I have yet to learn how to do that. If not, I'll just wait for our income tax rebate and return.

MANY THANKS TO ALL MY VIEWERS Every week I get a report from my site meter how many viewers drop by. Although I don't aspire to be a popular blogger, I am grateful to all my viewers who continue to support and read my art blog daily. When I started blogging last year I could count with my fingers how many readers were there. Recently, despite the great numbers of viewers reported by my site meter, I discovered that many still don't know how to input their comments. I'd like also to get feed backs from my viewers who are not blogger. Typing your comment is a simple process. After reading my post, you'll notice that at the very end, there's the word "COMMENT." Click on "COMMENT" and wait a few seconds. The comment box will appear. On the right side, please leave and type your comment on the enclose small box. Then you go down. Later you'll be ask to type some letters as you see them. You will also be ask to choose an identity. If you're not a blogger, identify yourself as anonymous or some other name like James or Joy. You can preview your comment by clicking preview. Later, when all is set, you hit "PUBLISH." Your comment will be publish upon my approval. It takes practice and patience to learn this process. I look forward to hearing from my other viewers. It will help me improve the content of my art blog if I know what my viewers wanted to read and see. THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!