Wednesday, July 4, 2007


IN THE BEGINNING THE GRAND DESIGNER (GOD)..... CREATED MAN AND WOMAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE. AND GOD ALSO "CARED" FOR HIS CREATED CHILDREN. Yes, God is very creative but he's also caring. I like this hymn "God Will Take Care Of You."

"Be not dismayed what-e'er betide, God will take of you
Beneath his wings of love abide, God will take care of you."
"Thru days of toil when heart doth fail, God will take care of you.
When dangers fierce your path assail, God will take care of you.

This song speaks to us of God's providential care. We shouldn't worry because He will provide all our needs. Nothing we ask will be denied. No matter what may be the test, we should rely on God because He cares for us. Because God cares, we should care for others too. Caring is a heartfelt emotion that delivers loving-kindness to everyone it touches. You may be surprised how much each act of kindness rewards you with positive feeling. If we all do our part, pretty soon we will live in a nicer world.

COVER GIRL One day, I received on the mail a beautiful Christian magazine called Mission Mosaic. What a surprised to see a familiar face on the cover! My sister Julie was featured on the cover as the present president of BNF, a Christian organization of professional nurses that promotes continuing professional education and growth for members of nurse missionaries. supported through the WMU (Women Missionary Union), BNF offers an opportunity for nurses across the United States to participate in the work of nursing while serving as part of various mission projects.

PROUD TO BE HER SISTER This blog space is specially dedicated to my sister Julie on her birthday today (July 4th). A memorable and happy day, bedazzled by fireworks at night while we celebrate America's Independence Day with an all-day-barbecue bash. As always, I am proud to be an American citizen but most of all I am proud to have a sister like Julie who is hard working, smart, caring and very independent.
A TREASURED MAGAZINE I have many magazines that I thrashed or gave away, but not this particular issue. Julie personally autographed it, and so it's one of my collections.

SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE (June 2005) Julie was featured in this magazine as one of the women who move the city. Julie is a R.N. (Registered Nurse) with MBA. She owns the state-licensed, Medicare-certified home health agency, based in San Diego, which was formed in 1996. If you need rehabilitative care in the privacy of your home, the best choice is:
We Care Home Health Services ( )
The home health agency helps people get back on their feet through combination of experience, professionalism and dedication.
The agency's mission statement puts it best: "We are committed to providing the highest quality health care in the home, making the comfort, dignity and recovery of our patients and their family the primary goal of our existence."
DESIGNER'S LOGO I designed this simple but beautiful logo for We Care Home Health Services, Inc.
BIG FAMILY OF SEVEN When I play slots in Las Vegas, I always pick up the one with "Blazing Seven". Why? For me, seven is a lucky number. I had won $200.00 on a quarter slots at the Mirage, another $200.00 on quarter slots at the Hilton and $75.00 in nickel slots at the MGM Grand. So seven is a lucky number based on these few winning experiences.
I have five sisters, one sister-in-law and one brother. Julie is the sixth sibling. On the above photo, she's standing second from the left. I am the one with the red dress. Our family is blessed with many different gifts, talents and abilities. Most of my sister have musical talents. They could play the piano, organ and sing well, but not me. I have no musical talent.

JULIE WITH YOUNGEST SISTER Of course Julie has more than musical talent. She has a gift for leadership. She is detail-oriented and concern with policies and procedures, but also as someone who enjoys being with other people and caring for them. No wonder she named her home health care agency "We Care." What a fitting name! Her mission in life is: "There's nothing better than helping people recover their strength and get back to doing the things they love, If there's a more rewarding business, let me know.
At present Julie has a new goal. She's working diligently on her doctorate. She plans to teach someday. She's a beautiful nurse and in the future will be called "Dr. Julie Conte."

A CARING HEART Yes, Julie exhibits a genuine passion for nursing but she also have a good human side known mostly to family members. She's a very, very generous and caring auntie. This photo was a memorable moment when she was surrounded with nephews (Rodney, Mike, Chris) and niece (Joy). During Christmas and birthdays she would shower and pamper them with many wonderful gifts. She's the kind of auntie every nieces and nephews would have dream of having. What a nice auntie!

CARES FOR DOGS Here's one of our best photos together. This was taken one Christmas Day. Julie has no kids but she's very devoted to her dogs. These are her ..... loving pets.

CARES ABOUT GLOBE TROTTING One of her passions in life is traveling. She had been and seen many places all over the world. Here are some highlights:
1. "Hi there!" Happy hour while riding on a colorful camel.

Something old but also something new if you haven't seen ancient and interesting ruins that stood the test of time.

Sounds interesting, huh? Meeting a new a guy in "paradise?" Does he looks like "Arnold?

Can you see what the future holds? I am sure Julie will have a bright future like this underwater scene. Let's watch and see what the future holds for her????????????

PAINTINGS FOR JULIE She is one of my sisters who appreciated my paintings and admired my art talent. She loves to travel and requested me many times to paint places that captured her heart. Over the years I had painted two paintings for her.
ARTIST NOTE'S This is the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Very inspiring city.

CARES FOR ARTS I gave her these paintings as birthday gifts. These paintings were labors of love. I wanted to make her happy. She had enough problems and I am sure my paintings brightened her life when the going was rough.

ARTIST'S NOTE: This is a famous tower in Italy. It's an interesting historical subject to paint. My family enjoyed visiting this tower. Every time I look at this painting it reminds me of that happy trip.

A CARING SISTER The paintings are now on display in her home in San Diego. Always appreciative and grateful for my paintings, she never failed to thank me. A thank you card is more than enough but I was delighted to get more in return. One Christmas ago, she gave me a beautiful triple string-pearl, a reproduction of Jackie Kennedy's famous pearl. She also gave me gluco-devices, books and free medical advices. She also took me out to nice restaurants for dinners. What a caring sister! Imagine a world without sisters. It will be dull without them. So, let's shout and make the world know "We Care" for our sisters. If you have no sister, adopt one. Your life will be blessed.

SHE CARES FOR MY ART WORKS Lately Julie bought one of my original oil painting "St. Petersburg." I will feature this painting in a later blog. Thanks to my sister who appreciates my paintings and raised the prices of my art works. Life is too short to take our sisters for granted. Let's show "We Care" by thinking of them.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


A CREATIVE MOTHERHOOD One of the joys of motherhood is having three sons who are disciplined, motivated and talented. When our four children were young, I gave up my art job and devoted my time to my family for ten years. With one income, I had to be a creative mother, so we could live comfortably and beautifully. With a big family, I learned to be a creative Jill-of-all- trade (chef, chauffeur, seamstress, home decorator, party & event planner, etc.). I used to be an art teacher, so when it comes to the crafty side of our family activities, I never run out of clever and creative ideas.
C............................. CRAFTY HANDS
A............................. ATTENTIVE
I...............................INGENIOUS & IMAGINATIVE
V............................. VICTORIOUS & VALIANT

A CREATIVE SON Not everybody can be an artist, architect, musician, writer, lawyer or scientist but what ever we dreamed of becoming, we can be creative. I am happy and proud that our second son, Ryan is a very creative person. Although he didn't become an artist like me or an engineer as his father, he is a very creative and imaginative person. A creative person is one who lives each day with enjoyment and fills his hours with goals. He got many creative qualities in himself that are admirable. Today, this blog space is dedicated to him, as he celebrate another birthday. "HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN AND MORE SUCCESS TO YOU!"
IMAGINATIVE Life is progressive. It goes forward. Before you know it, this little boy turned 21 years old. Be imaginative with your birthday celebration. Why not celebrate it with a big BANG. Here's a creative idea . Why not celebrate your birthday during the wedding of a cousin in San Francisco? Yes! Hitting two birds with one bullet is an imaginative idea.

VICTORIOUS Here's a winning smile during graduation day at California State University Northridge. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer science. He now works for the City of Santa Clarita as "Information Technology Analyst." This moment was the sweet smell of victory.

VALIANT Always living valiantly and going with the winning team. You must know where you're going. Make each day CREATIVE to reach the best that is in you. You must learn to see yourself as a child of God, as a creation of His. You must see others, also as children of God, as valuable.
EAGER Every day is challenge. Live life with eagerness everyday. Don't stop from having goals. Start a new hobby one after the other. Photography is another hobby of my son, Ryan. This is one of his best photo which he gave to me as a gift. He knows I love cactus. This is a very creative photo which I always treasure. You can view some of his photos on:

ARTIST'S NOTE: I have done many Southwest theme oil paintings and this is one of my favorites and best Southwest paintings. It is very realistic. Every time I paint a Southwest scene, I feel so alive and happy. It's like I am transported to the Southwest where life is full of energy and creativity. This painting shows that kind of mood and atmosphere.
I gave this favorite painting to my son Ryan when he moved to his condo. This painting is now hanging in his living room. I hope it will continue to inspire him to live very creatively.
CREATIVE LIVING Means steering your mind and imagination to productive goals. Life should be a sum of creative days and meaningful years. You can go out into life purposely, usefully, and happily.
CREATIVE THOUGHT FROM MATTHEW ARNOLD: "To have the sense of creative activity is the great happiness and a great proof of being alive."