Friday, December 11, 2009


"May all your Christmases be MERRY and BRIGHT.....'' From a Christmas song

In past years, I would already have adrressed my Christmas cards and will be mailing them soon. But this is a different year for me. With my husband's early retirement last August, we decided to move to the beautiful city of San Diego. Been extrememly busy months for us. So instead I am re-posting an article that I wrote last Decemeber 2008. I feel the message still rings true today.

CHRISTMAS EVE Is just few weeks away. I am getting excited as I see our neighborhood dazzling brighter every night with myriads of multi-colored Christmas lights. Christmas time is the happiest and merriest of the holidays, not only in my former country, the Philippines, but in America as well. For Filipinos, Christmas celebration is not complete without celebrating Christmas Eve too. It is an important part of our Christmas celebrations and cultures. Christmas Eve is also about caring families, comfort food, caroling and chit-chat. The night before Christmas, our family attend church services. Then, we have a big get- together with other members of the family we will not see on Christmas Day. Sometimes others open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, but our family opens our presents on Christmas morning. The Christmas Eve celebration is almost as abundant and festive as Christmas Day. So the feasting called "Noche Buena" actually starts the night before and continues till Christmas Day.

SIZE: 48" x 30"
DESCRIPTION: This is one of my oil paintings shown during my solo art show last September 2008. This is a typical Filipino-American Christmas Eve celebration in California, with abundant food, parol (lanterns), Christmas tree, caroling, merry-making, glowing fireplace and aromatic candles. Food is always an important part of the festive celebration. Let me describe what food I painted:
1. First Row (half round table)- Pot of arroz caldo ( chicken soup) and fried chicken w/ asparagus.
2. Small round table -Assorted fresh grapes in different colors and an apple.
3. Middle Table- Grilled pusit (squid) and camarron rebosado (shrimps) with lemons.
4. Right rectangular table- Huge platters of morcon and paella.
5. Left top table- Desserts such as banana cupckes, ube cake, bowl of candy cane, apple topiary and keso de bola (edam cheese).

CHRISTMAS SEASON Is not only a time for enjoying lots of favorite food but "spiritual food" as well. Let us not forget that JESUS is the reason for the season. SOON............ it will be Christmas Day.......!!!!!!