Sunday, July 27, 2008


"Cooking is one of best ways for your authentic self to remind your conscious self that you are an artist. Like the union of canvas and pigment, cooking is alchemy, a work of wholeness in progress.".......Sarah Ban Breathnach

COOKING AS ART This blog is about art, my paintings, other artists paintings, and anything related to art. Gardening is an art and so is cooking. Someone said...." that a pairing knife can be as creative as a paintbrush. Scraping, slicing, shredding, stirring, simmering, sauteing are all sleights of hand that switch your conscious mind onto artistic, automatic pilot. Once the conscious mind is distracted, the creative mind takes over, even if you aren't aware of it.
PANCIT PALABOK Whenever I take a break from painting, I seek discoveries in the kitchen, such as trying to re-create an old, favorite dish like this. Since the month of January,I have been extremely busy painting lots of food. I painted this dish about six times and didn't bore. Instead I was inspired to prepare and cook it for my family. This photo is the result of my artistic cooking.
A POPULAR AND FAVORITE FILIPINO DISH This dish is not easy to prepare but like painting, it gets easier and yummier with practice. This dish is made of boiled white noodles, drenched with "red palabok sauce." I like to add seafood, so my recipe has squid, clams, and shrimps. The sauteed seafood is scattered around. Sprinkled with pounded crackling, hard boiled eggs, big shrimps and fresh green onions and lemon slices around. This is my pretty Pancit Palabok. Cooking is my other creative outlet. In the future, I will be showing my paintings with this delicious dish. Hopefully in October or November. So watch out for it.