Sunday, July 13, 2008


"You see things and you say 'Why?' but I dream things that never were, and I say 'why not?' -George Bernard Shaw

ME,CREATIVE? The eloquent statement above applies to everyone. We all have the capacity to dream, and to create. It is commonly held that there is such thing as "the creative spark." But in my perspective the "creative spark" is not the exclusive property of few rare individuals, but rather part of the every day mental activity of everyone, even the most ordinary.
A SUMMER OIL PAINTING Summer this year is like a passing breeze. It's going too fast. It's hard to believe that we are already in mid-summer. The long summer days seem not enough to do and paint everything I wanted. I am posting a painting I did one summer ago. The painting above is inspired by our past summer trip to Calgary, Canada. After my husband attended a conference there, we drove to Lake Louise. The scenarios are lovely along the way. This is one of them. Changing our routine and taking a relaxing trip will surely improve our creativity.
INSPIRATION. Oh , yes, there is a substitute for hard work-inspiration. Anyone with imagination and inspiration has the power to think creatively. I also learned that creativity comes when I am not sweating it out. This painting is my accomplishment for taking it easy.

BEST COMMENT ON THIS POST The comment below is from a cousin (Cely Suley) that I featured on my blog last November. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a difficult surgery. Then weeks of radiation. Her recovery & survival is an inspiring story. Here's her comment today: "Dreams do not have an expiration date"......said the 41 yrs. old mother who just recently qualified for the olympic team for swimming. She won over the girls half her age. I would say that inspiration does not have an expiration date either. If I start dreaming, I get so inspired, then I am able to create somthing. This is why life is never boring.