Friday, October 31, 2008


"A family that plays, paints, praises and prays together, stays together."- Evelyne D. Resella

AN ARTIST BLESSING One of my treasures in life is having artistic and interesting grand kids. Having grand kids made my life more fresh and alive. When I see the world through their eyes, I feel younger. I am delighted that my two grand kids were there at my art show and birthday celebration.
SIMON This photo was taken during the set up at the clubhouse. At eleven years old Simon is a big help and amazingly strong like his idol, Spider man.ALA VINCENT VAN GOGH AND FRIDA KHALO To make my art show more festive, fun and interesting, Simon dressed up like Vincent and Audrey like Frida. Their costumes were hand made by Boodgie a fashion designer from San Diego. AUDREY She's a good copycat of Frida Kahlo during the art show. Her contrasting red and green Mexican-style dress, hibiscus red flower and lovely smile made her stunningly more beautiful. Audrey is an aspiring artist too.
CLOSE UP PHOTO OF AUDREY with handmade pink fan
SIMON He's a good copycat of Vincent Van Gogh. This contrasting costume-in yellow top and purple pant reminded me of Vincent. One of his favorite color combinations.
VINCENT VAN GOGH Resurrected during my art show.? SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!
SIMON SMILING He has a different personality from Van Gogh. He is a happy boy and someday he dreams of becoming a great artist too.
ORIGAMI DEMO BY SIMON AND AUDREY Origami is a popular Japanese paper art. They entertained some of my guest by doing origami art like boat, bird and fan. "Thank God for their artistic talents."
SIMON demonstrating how to do origami bird.
AUDREY READING HER POEM "BLUE" In the past I featured her on my blog. About a year ago, she wrote this poem and it was published at the San Francisco Chronicle. She was only 8 years old. A very talented poet too. My grandkids made my day. I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Monday, October 27, 2008


" A family that plays, paints, praises, and prays together, stays
together."- Evelyne D. Resella

A FAMILY BLESSING It's true that a family who is always together in every worthwhile activities, stays together. Without my family, my dream to have at least ONE SOLO ART SHOW in my lifetime wouldn't be a possibility. I deeply appreciate my family-children, grand kids and husband, for their endless love and support toward my goal and dream in life. I am always proud of them and would like to express my sincere thanks and love openly. I have said my thanks before but I'd like it to be seen and written here.
THE ARTIST WITH DAUGHTER, JOY "Thanks for your love and help during my celebration. You're a wonderful and thoughtful daughter."
JOY AND RODNEY During the celebration there was a short program in my honor.
RODNEY My eldest son gave a touching speech about his perspective on having an artistic mom.
"Thank you Rodney for that deeply moving and loving speech. You made me teary-eyed. "
ROBIN During his visual presentation of my thirteen brand new oil paintings.
"Robin, thank you so much for that wonderful visual presentation about my paintings. I know you're extremely busy but you still did it for me."

I AM SORRY THAT I DON'T HAVE ANY PHOTO OF MY SON RYAN. BUT I'D LIKE TO SAY MY THANKS AGAIN. "Ryan, thank you for the many beautiful photos you took during my art show. The photos spoke volumes, better than I could express my self."
MY HUSBAND RHOD He talked about "BACK TO THE FUTURE-1943" What an amazing year to be alive. Prices were so cheap. Prices: Gasoline $.16. Postage $0.03. House $8,011.00, etc.
"Rhod, a million thanks again for everything you did for me. This beautiful art show wouldn't have succeeded without you. "
"A wonderful thanks to my family, relatives and friends who were there for me and made this celebration unforgettable."
"My thanks to my grand kids for inspiring me. They are one of my joys in life."

NEXT POST, I will show case my grand kids.