Friday, February 22, 2008


"The unexplainable thing in nature that makes me feel the world is big far beyond my understanding-to understand maybe by trying to put it into form. To find the feeling of infinity on the horizon line or just over the next hill." Georgia O'Keeffe

SEDONA THE BEAUTIFUL! This land is called RED ROCK COUNTRY and widly wonderful. Located in Arizona's high dessert with an elevation of 4,300 feet with towering monoliths, rims and canyons. Many of the massive RED-rocks were shaped and formed from water and ancient deposits of limestone, mudstone and sandstone when this area was the west coast of a still emerging continent. It was also chiseled by wind. Sedona is a unique place to see and visit. WELCOME TO SEDONA The city of Sedona was founded in 1902. It was incorporated in 1988. Historically, it was a rural ranching community located far off the beaten path, but it's natural beauty became nationally known through the motion picture industry. Today Sedona is Arizona's premier tourism, recreation, resort, retirement and art centers. Sedona is well known as an arts community. It is also home to 40-plus art galleries. Western and native American art lend a regional flavor but one can find examples of nearly every style and form of artwork.
TROLLEY RIDE The best and most relaxing way to tour and see Sedona is via the trolley. The tour was three hours long and the driver took us everywhere in Sedona. No time wasted getting lost in this town. Our driver knows the way. This photo was taken from old files in 2004.This was our third trip to Sedona, so we didn't take too many photos during our recent trip.
RED-ROCK SPLENDOR Indeed this picturesque town is surrounded by beloved RED-rock monoliths named Bell, Coffee Pot, Court House, and Cathedral, even Snoppy - because their massive shapes resemble these distinctive objects. Sedona is singing with RED color in every corner. The collection of Sedona's impressive RED-rocks and many natural endowments are worth visiting and meditating. For me the best time to view these rocks are late in the afternoon when the shadows cast their spell. The best images are taken as the sun goes down. The western face of the mountains collects that light. The RED-rocks look like magnificent paintings.
THE BEAUTIFUL BELL ROCK AND ME As an artist, I see in each RED rock or each speck of RED stone the hand of One whose pallete is infinite and whose vision is beyond imagining. From the heights of the Bell rock, God offers us daily a glorious show to His creativeness and majesty.
CLOSE UP VIEW OF THE BELL ROCK This majestic peak is ringing with REDDISH color in every angle.
COFFEE POT ROCK This rock resembles a charming coffee pot. Forget Starbucks or Coffee Bean! Here, there's no need to spend a dime. Just look at this rock and you'll be A...W...A...K...E........and........ A...L..I...V...E...!!!
SNOOPY ROCK Is an easily recognizable RED rock formation. With a little imagination you can see Snoopy lying on his dog house with his head on the left and his feet on the right.
THE COURT HOUSE ROCK Another RED rock with courtly beauty.
CATHEDRAL ROCK Is one of Sedona's most photographed, painted and recognizable landmarks. This is a challenging rock to climb but there were many people who made it up to the top.
BENEATH THE CATHEDRAL ROCK At such wonders, all I can do is bow down in awe. In our very midst, the Cathedral Rock paints a portrait of the beauty and goodness of God. All these magnificent, massive, and natural RED rocks are God's sculptures and statues. I am sure this will be humbling experience for Michaelangelo (the great Italian artist and sculptor), when he encounters this Cathedral Rock. For me, I felt what Georgia O'Keeffe experienced when she was surrounded with so many RED hills in her homeland (New Mexico). She was inspired by the beauty of the hills. As a result, she painted one of her beautiful masterpieces "Pedernal and Red Hills" (oil on canvas-20' x 30"). BEAUTIFUL VIEWS FROM THE CHAPEL OF THE HOLY CROSS The Chapel of the Holy Cross is 47 years old, which features a reinforced cross that juts from 1,000-foot-high rock wall and soars 90 feet into the air, plus 360-degree panoramic views. The RED rock scenery wrapped around us is breathtaking in all directions. Surely even the most jaded would find Sedona uplifting emotionally, artistically and spiritually. Come and visit soon. Surely, this will be an artful adventure you'll never forget.