Thursday, April 23, 2009


"True Blue Friends....make you feel good and warm; they are automatically on the same wavelength; they feel genuinely sorry and come to your assistance when you're in trouble; you can speak freely to them, you don't have to be on guard, they really listen; they care about what you're doing."-Adelaide Bry

REMEMBERING A WONDERFUL DOCTOR-Today is the unforgettable birthday of my favorite otolaryngologist (a doctor dealing w/ disorders of the ear, nose, and throat). This post is dedicated to him. I met him because I had hearing problem. In the late 80's and on the early 90's, I experienced a decade of devastating, progressive, and profound bilateral hearing loss. This was the most challenging experience I had in life. But thank God, I live in an advance world of technology where it's still possible for a deafened artist like me to go back to the world of sound. On February 27,1997 I had a successful cochlear implant surgery at the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California.
WHAT IS A COCHLEAR IMPLANT? It is a miniaturized computer device that helps hearing impaired people like me to hear environmental sounds and understand the spoken words. Cochlear implant is not like magic. I didn't get my hearing back overnight. It took months of rehab and practice to decipher the mechanical sounds from my cochlear implant. Today I am a happy recipient of the cochlear implant technology. I am forever grateful to my ear surgeon, Dr. Jim who gave me the chance to recover 80% of my hearing. EBB AND DR. ANDREWS - This photo was taken at his office two and half years ago."HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. ANDREWS! You're a wonderful doctor and true Blue friend. Just exactly like the quotation above. Thanks again for everything you did for me. I will always remember you."
"TAOS POTTERY" (18" x 24"-oil on canvas). Next to Philippine scenes, I love to paint Southwest scenes. I like the simplicity of the Southwest art. I think the "Taos Pottery" is the best realistic Southwest oil painting I had ever painted. I created this painting during one of the darkest times of my life. I was depressed w/ my worsening hearing problem and painting became my therapy. The original oil painting is far more beautiful than the photo above. This is the only photo I have. In deep appreciation for my successful cochlear implant, I lovingly gave this beautiful oil painting as a Christmas gift to Dr. Jim in 1997. What would I give to a doctor who has everything? I have no doubt that a gift of art from my heart and hand is perfect. I still remember what Dr. Jim told my husband while visiting him one day at his medical office....

"Please tell your wife, thank you for the oil painting. It's so......BEAUTIFUL!!! I displayed it in our family room."

I will never forget those nice and kind words. I was so happy and honored that he didn't hang my painting in the garage. I am truly honored that my painting is on display in his luxurious home. Over the years, I never regretted giving him few more of my oil paintings. He is the most compassionate ear surgeon I have ever known. I have so many doctors, but none as caring and as nice as him. Ever heard of a doctor taking the time to answer a patient's e-mail? Yes, he replies to my e-mails. He even reads my blog. Very rare quality among doctors today. He's not only my doctor but also a friend. How could I forget someone like him?

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