Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."-Anonymous

SILVER ANNIVERSARY - Last October 25, 2008, we celebrated the special 25th anniversary of the Filipino-American Association of Santa Clarita Valley at Hyatt Valencia. The meaningful event was filled with beautiful memories. Prior to this event, I was hesitant to join the design contest for the cover of the souvenir program for the upcoming 25th celebration. I was extremely busy and rushing many oil paintings for my first solo art show. I was running out of time. One day, I went for a leisurely walk in our paseo and an idea was born for the cover. I based my oil painting on the anniversary theme "Sharing Traditions And Enriching Friendship." To make the story short, my painting won the coveted cover page by majority votes. It was a delightful experience. My prize? Not much? I was given a complimentary gift certificate from Goldilocks (a famous Filipino bake shop). I plan to indulge in their many delicious goodies this holiday. Another bonus, an opportunity to have my painting published on the lovely and glossy souvenir program.PAINTING FIRST SHOW This painting is among those new oil paintings unveiled to the public during my recent art show.

"SHARING TRADITIONS AND ENRICHING FRIENDSHIPS" This oil painting is 24" x 30," done on canvas. It is my winning entry for the cover of the the SCV Fil-Am 25th Anniversary souvenir program. It is about the happy times and traditions shared by the association for twenty five years here in Santa Clarita Valley. This is my artistic conception about the theme. For me celebrating twenty-five years of togetherness should be a very colorful event like this painting. This painting has many meaningful symbols.
1. The coconut tree brings to mind our beautiful country, the Philippines. The coconut tree is very graceful to paint. I bended the coconuts and shaped them into S & C letters-representing Santa Clarita.
2. Oak trees abound around the city. Someone said that Santa Clarita have more oak trees than Thousand Oaks. I painted them into the scene because it is a symbol of Santa Clarita. The city logo is dominated by a huge oak tree.
3. City of Santa Clarita - I painted this beautiful emerald city with many rolling hills. The six main areas are Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Canyon Country, Castaic and Saugus.
4. Huge yellow sun ----the symbol for leadership. The 25 sun rays represent the 25 presidents of the Filipino-American Association.
5. Hyatt Hotel and OLPH Catholic Church-----VIP (very important places) where many Filipino-American events were traditionally celebrated and will be celebrated.
6. Banquet of Food- Sharing food is a very important part of any Filipino tradition and celebration. Presentation is also very important. Food should be colorful and visually appealing. Most Filipino foods are monotonous with brownish tint. I pick-up foods that are not only delicious to look at, but to paint, such as Lechon (whole roasted pork), palabok (noodles), lumpia Shianghai, pot of rice, sinigang na hipon (shrimps) with vegetables, and tomato topiary. Desserts are halo-halo, leche flan, puto and kutsinta. Also native fruits like pineapple, bananas, avocado and American grapes.
7. Three-tired 25th anniversary cake---Highlights of the banquet table painted in silver tone with red roses and cascading silver drapes.
8. Traditional folk dances and guitarist add to the festivity. I painted "Fandango Sa Ilaw" and "Subli."
9. Filipino-American Association logo-It is painted below the party table.

ON THE SIGNAL This morning my son Ryan e-mailed me that I am on the SIGNAL, our local newspaper. That sounds exciting! I have never been on the newspaper before. At 10:00 a.m. I am driving crazily around town looking for a copy of the SIGNAL. We subscribed to the Los Angeles Times, so I wanted a copy of the SIGNAL so badly. I plan to buy as many available copies. I am disappointed that the SIGNAL are mostly gone. My last bet is the Ralphs supermarket. I dig into the file of newspapers and happily I found two copies. Then I open the paper on page #5 and so delighted to see myself and the above painting. The SIGNAL came out today with an article about the SCV Filipino-American Association 25th anniversary. If you are interested to know more about the event and see my painting please check the SIGNAL website:

Monday, November 10, 2008


"Human love and the delights of friendship, out of which are built the MEMORIES that endure, are also to be treasured up as hints of what shall be hereafter."- Bede Jarrett

HOME SWEET HOME I am now back home after a refreshing and wonderful trip to Tampa and Longboat Key/Florida. Still jet lagged but feeling great. Every year my husband attends an ethics conference in Longboat Key/Florida and I tagged along. Prior to the conference, we did a side trip to Tampa. My husband and I toured the Henry B. Plant Museum. Formerly, the Tampa Bay Hotel, the most astonishingly magnificent hotel of its day, then filled w/ treasures from around the world. It has a splendid Moorish architecture, opulent furnishings, and spectacular tropical gardens. While our other destination, Longboat Key has a different and opposite atmosphere. Its a secluded and quiet island. The resort suites are more contemporary. The enticing part is the magnificent, clean, white-powdery sand beach just steps away from our suite. While my husband was in the conference, I walked everyday on the beach barefooted. The beach is so clean and abundantly blessed with so many lovely shells. I hauled as many as my luggage could carry. I had so much fun like a little girl. I lost track of time while there and forgot all my problems in life. I also have lots of time reflecting, meditating and searching for ideas for my next painting projects. After my recent art show and other exhausting events, I was almost depleted. This get away trip restored me. No wonder, I am raring to go back to my paint brushes and hopefully complete my "Studio 65."
SPECIAL THANKS To my blog mate Daniel Palma Tayona. When I open my e-mail today, I smiled because he featured me on his latest blog. I am very impressed. I'd like to share it with you. It's about my recent art show and some paintings. Please check out his blog:
THE CELEBRATION CONTINUES. Here are photos of relatives during my recent art show.
ARTIST FIRST COUSINS Bon standing on the left side. Noemi standing on right side. The painting in the background is my largest painting- "Reflections Of My Homeland #4"
THE ARTIST WITH AUNTIE LYDIA AND ONLY BROTHER. Hector and wife Lynn (not in the photo) are the proud owner of this painting above.
SPECIAL NUMBER During the celebration some of my sisters and other relatives sang my requested favorite hymn of praise "How Great Thou Art" I love this song because of the word ART.
Left to right, Didi (sister), Olive(friend),Noemi (cousin), Julie(sister) and Lois (sister).
BEN My brother in law was the guitarist during the special number. Thanks Ben!
SURPRISE GUEST? During the celebration, Julie's new dog was the celebrity.
ARTIST-IN-LAWS The other Resella clan
Top row: Lucy, Ben, and Ebb First row: Dita, Clarissa and Aaron IN-LAWS MARRIED TO OTHER RESELLAS
RHOD WITH NIECES (Adelaine), grand daughter (Audrey) and Katherine