Saturday, April 26, 2008


"Not anybody and everybody can be your friend. It must be someone as close to you as your skin, someone who imparts color, drama, meaning to your life." - Henry Miller

WHAT IS A FRIEND? I like Henry Miller description of a friend - "Someone who imparts color, drama and meaning to your life." Someone said that the ideal friendship is between people who share the same interests like art and writing. For me, one of the greatest joys of blogging is gaining friends who are also artists and writers. They constantly impart color to my life. They also impart drama. I choose my friends because I believe it is better to cultivate a few close friendships than to maintain many superficial acquaintances. One of the artistic friends I met through blogging is Lloyd Bradbury. I am sure he's no stranger to you because I often promoted his art blog. Since the beginning I know he's going to be a good friend. What a coincidence that our blogs have the same format! When I read about his life story, I was deeply touched. He is blind but overcame his depressing disability through painting. His life story inspired me so much, because like him I struggled with a difficult disability (hearing loss). We have different obstacles but share the same goal in life -"to be creative and artistic, no matter what." I am grateful to have him as a friend, one who helps me to realize how beautiful our imperfect world is. Lloyd encourages me by dropping on my blog at least twice a week. He shares lots of nice words and stories. His vibrant abstract paintings make my world alive too. He's a friend who adds meaning to my life. Although the color of our skins are not the same, yet amazingly we clicked and became friends.

A FRIENDLY GIFT Last week-end, my husband and I arrived home at midnight from our long trip to San Francisco and Pacifica. I was exhausted but I couldn't help myself from opening a huge envelope lying among my mails waiting for my arrival. I smiled! It was from Lloyd. He sent me a print of his painting. I was...... speechless. I didn't expect he was serious when he asked for my mailing address. I am an artist but I deeply appreciated a gift of art from fellow artist. I gazed at it thrice before I dashed to bed and fall sound asleep.

A PAINTING BY LLOYD IRVING BRADBURY- This painting is untitled by I named it "BLUE CACTUS." Lloyd sent me this painting. He told me...."This print I sent you is one of a kind. The sketch was larger and torn up as it was on a scrap paper as a doodle for another background. It was not complexed but was created for YOU. I thought of cactus plants that your inspiration gave me. "
A MILLION THANKS TO YOU LLOYD!...... "I will always treasure this print and art you created specially for me. What a splendid imagination you have! How great to have an artistic friend like you. I am happy that you've been inspired by one of my cactus paintings."

If you are interested to know more about Lloyd Bradbury and his paintings please check his art blog at the above URL. He's a wonderful self-taught artist and works with mixed media. You might become friends too.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


"The joy you give to others is the joy that comes back to you."- Anonymous

BACK FROM SAN FRANCISCO As always it feels good to be back home after a wonderful trip to San Francisco and Pacifica. It was good to see familiar places, endless inspiring views and renew friendship and relationship. Had quality time with our grand kids during their spring break. Spent hours talking, laughing, cooking and gardening. We also explored Great America Park and Exploratorium. This time we didn't do any painting but we learned lots about art. Exploratorium is a good place to learn about science, seeing colors and details. Saw also our eldest son, old friends and relatives. The change of activity was very good for my body. Before this trip I wasn't feeling well for weeks due to pain in my upper leg.

YELLOW ORCHID Last year Lissa (my hair stylist) gave me a yellow orchid for Mother's Day. What a nice gesture! Aside from styling my hair beautifully she gave me an orchid. It was a touching experience for me. That flower inspired me to paint the yellow orchid again. Previously I painted a duet of yellow orchids which I donated. My painting below is one of a series that emerged from the first painting I did many years ago. I promised Lissa that I'll paint another smaller version for her someday. That someday finally came. Last month I went back to the salon for another relaxing day and I gave Lissa this orchid painting as promised.LISSA AND THE PAINTING Two weeks later, she sent me a lovely thank you note that's a joy to read. She wrote....."Thank you VERY much for the BEAUTIFUL painting!! You are truly amazing and talented. The painting and frame are beautiful!! I will forever cherish this for as long as I live. You have blessed me in so many ways by just being you! Now this gift is priceless, but knowing you and having you in my life is PRECIOUS! Thanks for everything. Lots of Love! Be blessed!"
CLOSE-UP OF "THE YELLOW ORCHID PAINTING" This oil painting is about 16" x 14" on canvas.
FULL VIEW Of the orchid with simple gold frame. Like what I said before, giving my painting as a gift brings lots of joy to my heart. When I make others happy, I am more happier. That's PRICELESS!