Friday, March 6, 2009


"Part of what I'm about is seeing how I can paint the same thing differently, instead of different things the same way."- Alex Katz

"RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY" - I am no longer a kindergarten but this poem makes me feel like one. After weeks of rain and cold weather, I am feeling good that warmer days are back. I am happier when the temperature is warmer and brighter. This are the conditions where I thrive and paint most. When it's gloomy, I am not in the mood to paint. The colors on my painting are also gloomy. I like bright colors and sunny weather. Just the right stimulus to jump start my creative spirit and imagination.
" WARM COFFEE AND FLOWERS" I posted this oil painting a month ago. It's the same painting I gave a friend for her 65th birthday. I started working on this painting about two years ago. I shelved it, thinking that something was not right. Last January, I worked on it again and called it "Make-over Phase 2." Surprisingly, here in Southern California, you wouldn't believe that in the middle of January we had a summer like weather. I had time to paint again after a long break during the holidays and successive rainy week. This oil painting is the same painting below but more beautiful and artful. I added the white window, warm coffee and the friendly quotation. Then varnished the painting. Then I shopped for a ready made golden frame to make the painting look richer. The frame was "X-PEN-SIV" and yet I still bought it. The painting dried up on time for a friend's birthday.
ART IS EXPENSIVE -I wonder why art supplies and frames are so expensive????? Some people have no idea that art is not cheap. To save me some money, my husband did most of the framing for my paintings. He's a good handyman and no room for return or complain. What a blessing!
DISCOVER-This is not a plastic adventure but a "disco-tour" to find out the cost of custom framing. Last year, I had one oil painting (30" x 48") framed at a nearby art store. They had a half price sale on custom made frame that week. I was h-o-o-k-e-d and went shopping. I was charged $350.00 for a simple custom frame, plus sales tax. Then there was an additional $60.00 for mounting the painting on the frame. I did the math, and it was ridiculously pricey even with half price sale. So my husband supports not only my art career but also the framing aspect of it.
FIRST PHASE OF THE OIL PAINTING - This was the original painting before. After the make-over, the painting is very different. Go back to the painting above and look at the transformation. I learned not to toss a painting at first try. Believe in make-over. Give time for a painting to bloom and grow. After the rain, there is sunshine and a beautiful painting is born again.
THANK YOU NOTE FROM LISA:"Your thoughtfulness of the gift and warm wishes were truly a blessing to me. Truly thankful for the Lord have provided me friends like you! Words can not express my joy and deep gratitude to you and Rhod. Most of all my "special" present. I will hang the painting to welcome all my friends in front, by our staircase.'