Friday, February 29, 2008


"Perhaps the most creative strategy to escape from creative conflict is to leap - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually- out of your current stale, uninspired reality into an entirely different mind-set or imaginative dimension." - Thomas Kinkade

THINKING OUTSIDE THE PALETTE Prior to this Sedona trip, I just finished reading an inspirational book entitled"The Art Of Creative Living" written by Thomas Kinkade (renowned "Painter Of Light"). He said ..... "So, how might this work in practice? The basic idea is to take some extraordinary, even radical, step that will help break the internal shackles and help you start thinking and working "outside the box" again. Or to put the cliche in painter-ese, when I'm in a real creative bind, I look for dramatic ways to "think outside the palette." One effective technique may simply to leave the office or studio for a day or a week, and simply try something new."
THE OTHER SIDE OF SEDONA There are many exciting things to do while vacationing in Sedona -hiking, trolley tour, shopping, gallery-hopping, horse back ridding, hot-air balloon ride, helicopter tour, pink jeep tour and many more. We did some of the above but not the last four options. My husband and I thought that the "PINK Jeep Tour" is something worth trying. It took a while to convince me that this is something new and dramatic. At first it sounded scary because of the warning that this is not for people who have heart, back, broken hips/joint problems, and pregnant. etc. Well.... I don't have those kind of problems yet. We thought that the PINK Jeep Tour is something we'd like to do it while we are still alive and strong. I listened to Thomas Kinkade suggestion and I thought this is what he meant about "thinking outside the palette."
PRETTY IN PINK The PINK color is a first cousin of the RED color. When RED and white are mixed, you get PINK. The color PINK is very pretty in floral and dresses. It's an attractive color like RED but less intense. I have no idea why the jeep is painted bright PINK. Maybe PINK color makes one feel younger. When you take the Pink Jeep Tour, the excitement and adrenalin rush will make you your heart pump stronger and your cheeks glow more radiant.
YOU GOTTA DO IT!!! Yes, we did it! You gotta hold on to the jeep tightly or else you'll be thrown out. It was real jumping, kicking, pumping - Pink jeep tour!!! We took Tour A ( a mild one) but boy.... it wasn't mild. Depends who's grading it.
PRETTY WOMAN DRIVER AND GUIDE Our knowledgeable guide took us on four-wheel-drive and on-road guided tour. She may look soft in pink top and hat but she's a tough driver. She had been driving this rugged and difficult terrain for twelve years. VIEW OF INCOMING PINK JEEP We were not alone. There were many jeeps on the tour. It was a beautiful sight to see caravan of Pink jeeps.
RUGGED ROAD EXPLORATION We explored Sedona's back country which took two and a half hours. If you're seeking rugged adventure, Native American history and culture, nature, geology, or panoramic vista, Pink Jeep is the right tour for you.ANOTHER VIEW OF THE RUGGED ROAD Lots of rich textures along the roads.SCENIC RIM Alas, after hours of rocking and juggling our bodies, bones and imagination, we reached the summit. WOW! We ascended an amazing 2,000 feet to the very top of the Mogollon Rim. Majestic red rock formations blaze the the trail for scenic beauty and rugged exploration. Here's a dramatic vantage point for sightseers and a photographer's dream-come-true.
AFTER THE TOUR Was it worth trying something new? YES! My imagination comes to life in new ways. In fact, the fresh creative stimulation inspired me and those many panoramic vistas might make their way into a painting or two someday. But for the moment the Pink Jeep Tour stops me from getting stale and bored. My creative juices were revived. Back home, I am now extremely busy working on many paintings that had been stalled for lack of imagination and motivation. This transformation came about because I practiced what Thomas Kinkade said..."thinking outside the palette." He's a successful artist and he knows what to do during uncreative moments.