Friday, June 1, 2007


WELCOME TO PARADISE! Every time my husband and I vacationed to Hawaii, or the Caribbeans, we always hear those words. We loved it. We are not strangers in Paradise.
But on this blog, I will not focus on these earthly Paradises. Let me tell you of a different Paradise, where many artists dwell.

WHAT OR WHERE IS PARADISE? The dictionary defines "PARADISE" as Heaven, Garden
of Eden or any place of great beauty and perfection. My favorite definition of "Paradise" is - a state of bliss or condition of great happiness. As an artist, when I am painting it feels like being transported to Paradise. I can always go to Paradise via painting. It exists where ever I paint and find creativity and inspiration. I can enjoy Paradise at present, with all the vibrant colors and beauty around me. No need to wait beyond the graveyard, to experience Paradise.
Sometimes I get to Paradise through cruising, traveling or imagining. But for me,
painting is the best way to be in Paradise without going the distance and spending a fortune.
Try it. You'll experience lots of pleasure and happiness. If you don't paint, spend a day in an art museum. You''ll be inspired by those masterpieces that will transport you to Paradise. Believe me.

WHAT DO I PAINT IN PARADISE? My early art works are mostly still life. I like to paint flowers such as roses, sunflowers, orchids and bird-of-paradise. The bird-of-paradise flower captivated me because it is very colorful and artistic.

BIRD-OF-PARADISE FLOWER Is a small plant of South America with orange and blue flowers and banana-shaped leaves. The leaf which carries the flower looks somewhat like a boat. The flowers have three sepals and three petals, and resemble birds-of-paradise on the wing.
The bird-of paradise flowers are grown in the tropics and subtropical, mostly in Hawaii, California, and Florida.

"EXOTIC BIRD-OF-PARADISE#1" - Oil on Canvas (16' x 20")
This is my first bird-of-paradise oil painting. It is inspired by the above
postcard which I bought during one of our trips to Paradise (Hawaii).
I donated this oil painting to the Men's Group at The Grace Baptists Church
in Saugus, Sta. Clarita. It became a gift to one of the men who attended their retreat.

Oil on Canvas (16" x 20")
I was filled with happiness when this painting was finished.
The feeling of being in Paradise.............. Priceless.

A close-up view of the framed painting.
It was a pleasure to give this oil painting as a wedding gift to a beloved couple.
These friends are active members of the Filipino-American Association of
Sta. Clarita Valley.
This painting is now on display in their lovely home in Stevenson Ranch.
I am sure this painting enhanced their home to look a bit like paradise.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have! You certainly are very artistic! Do your children follow you in that regard?

Ebb Tide said...

Welcome to my blog Georgia! Thanks for visiting. Yes, 2 of my children are artists too.

Mari said...

Wow! You too were in paradise? LOL I was just back from there...from my backyard. ROFL

Thanks for visiting my blog, Ebb.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari! A backyard can be a paradise too, if the weeds growing there inpsire and make you happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the life and color in your paintings.

Ebb Tide said...

To the artist. Thanks for visiting. Good, we both love colorful paintings. Powerful color communicates an intensity of feeling and powerful energy.

Anonymous said...

I am finally able to respond to your Art BLOG (Thanks for sharing it w/ us your personal "prose" of your art. You and I are very much alike in that, I too, am fascinated by Cultures/Travel,
Food/and Visual Art. Sad to say, most individuals in our modern society seem to have no time to delve in the "world of art" or express any interest in it, at all. They do not seem to realize, however, that ART in fact, permeates every aspect of our everyday living from something as insignificant (so it seems) from choosing the paint to "color" the walls of our home to choosing the color of a new car we are about to purchase. I, on the other hand, have a real passion and appreciation for the Visual Arts (my particular interest is very Eclectic when it comes to Contemporary and Modern Art).

Ebb Tide said...

Welcome to my blog Noemi! I love your beautiful and intelligent comment on Art. Hopefully, it will encourage others to appreciate Art more.

Learning Team said...

i found your link thru jmom and i was so impress by your art, i also enjoy your pictures and your travelogue. i am not yet finish checking your archive, will be back soon.

Ebb Tide said...

Welcome to my blog MM! I hope my art not only impressed you but inspired you, my top goal. Hope you visit again.

JMom said...

ah, your paradise is beautiful, ebb tide :)

Ebb Tide said...

Hi JMOM! Thanks for visiting my paradise.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that this is really awesome!!! I love the pictures of the botanical garden!!! When i went i didn't get to see that. And yes your art is very beautiful!!!