Friday, July 30, 2010


"Rather than worry about foods to avoid, I think of everything I can eat - lobster, mussels, crab, tomatoes." - by Sarah Beeny LOBSTER SCULPTURE: During a summer trip in 2009 to Halifax, Nova Scotia, my husband & I caught sight of this lovely lobster sculpture while walking leisurely along the cruise ship port. I had never seen something as big & beautiful like this before. It was a very colorful, fascinating and interesting lobster artwork.

FAVORITE SEAFOOD: I like all of the above listed seafood by Sarah but my favorite is lobster. It's very delicious but quite expensive. Somehow I always find good ways to satisfy my cravings for this lovely pinkish creature. Whenever I see a Miss Lobster around, I am reminded of the many happy memories I spent w/ her kind of creature Here are some occassions that I had happily spent w/ Miss Lobster & company:

1. My first good memory about lobster was during a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii many.many years ago. During our last night in Maui, my husband & I splurged on a clambake dinner at the Westin Resort w/ out the kids. They stayed behind at the condo & had pizza for dinner. We enjoyed an excellent clambake lobsters plus all the trimmings and........ a big prize tag later on. But the happy memories of that dinner lingered long after and so there was no regret as the years went by.

2.Whenever my husband & I went cruising (10 cruises so far), we always look forward to the special nights when the chefs & kitchen staffs will be serving lobsters. Usually lobster & steaks were served during formal nights. We could asked for seconds if we wanted too. We were spoiled & pampered w/ lobster dinner during many cruises. One of the best rewards of cruising.

3.When my husband was still working for L-3 Communications, I always tagged along during company trips & conferences. Some of my best memories were those welcome & farewell night dinners at the Longboat Key Resort in Florida, where I had attended four times. Spouses were included and I never refused. These were some of the company perks that's unforgettable. During those memorable dinners, they served huge grilled lobster w/ steak. All you can eat. Yum..yummm.....!!! No wonder, I got home from those conferences w/ added pounds.

4. During our 25th wedding anniversary at the NBC Resturant in China Town, Monterey Park, we picked a banquet menu w/ lobster dish included. Many of the best lobster dishes that I tasted were from many great Chinese restaurants. They cooked it differently and very palatable. The heavenly taste lingered long after the special event was over.

5. Whenever I go shopping at Costco and I see those huge lobsters for sale at $17.99/ pound, I am reminded of a simple neighborhood get-togeher lobster dinner at The Oaks, Sta Clarita, where we once lived. I vividly remember one memorial week-end when our neighbors decided to have a clambake dinner at Dr. Larry's driveway next to our house. All of us bought fresh lobsters for each member of our families. Dr. Larry was divorced and a psychologist but volunteered to share his huge pot for boiling the lobsters. What a sight to see those live lobsters jumping & struggling on top of the boiling water! When cooked they had a reddish color. We also decorated the long tables beautifully & ate together w/ friendly neighbors. Along w/ the lobsters we feasted on store bought bread, boiled corn splashed w/ butter, grilled potatoes & yummy ice cream. Five neighboer w/ their families pitched in w/ the cooking & clean up. We had so much fun with our simple neighbor get-together that it was worth the splurge and work.

Yes, lobsters are pricey but with all these wonderful memories, I think they are worth spending for. If I will be rich, I'll buy a lobster sculpture to be placed on my garden by the kitchen. The lobster will inspire me to paint more. Why not?


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Dear one,Turn your art to painting,but do not eat the red lobster red paint. I have a bew blog RPC 123

George said...

I really enjoy your art. You have such a wonderful spirit and philosophy on Art. I too, think of art as lasting forever -- my legacy to the world.

SandyCarlson said...

Lobsters....we all love 'em. May they survive our appetites.

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited your blog for a long time, I like this colorful lobster and by the way, enjoy your new condo.... and hoping to see more of your artwork...

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Imiss uz LLOyd