Thursday, July 4, 2013


"The first virtue of a painting is that is to be a FEASTS for the eyes." - Eugene Delacroix



SIZE: 6 feet x 3 feet (oil on canvas).
MEDIUM: Oil On Canvas
SOLD: To Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Kragen ($100.00)
This is the second painting that I created from my original "REFLECTIONS FROM MY HOMELAND - Series#1". I painted it at our first house in Hidden Lake. We didn't have children yet at that time. We lived in a four bedroom house. One of the rooms became my art studio plus craft and florist room. I also worked for TV Fanfare full time. W/ my day job, I could only paint at night and during week-ends. I finished painting the Series#1 in a month. Series #2 took me 2 months. I painted this huge painting for Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kragen from North Hollywood, California. They were Jews but liked Philippine setting. They were the parents of Bruce, my husband's best friend. I sold it to them for only $100.00. It was the first oil painting I sold in the United States. Back then, it was a good amount of money for an unknown artist. I felt rich.
When Bruce parents passed away, he inherited this painting . It is now in their house in Santa Monica, California. I was fortunate to be reconnected to this painting. During my solo art show last September 2008, I borrowed this painting and exhibited it w/ the original "Reflections Of My Homeland"-Series#1, together w/ other 13 brand new oil paintings.  I felt sad that this oil painting deteriorated over time. Some of the oil paints cracked because it was not probably stored properly. So I did some restoration and retouching on the Series#2,  before showing it to the public again.

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